Sarita Khurana
A Suitable Girl (2017)
A contemporary look at arranged marriage in India through the stories of three young women. Set in Mumbai & Delhi.

What Remains (2010), re-released (2013)
A woman returns to her childhood home only to encounter her unsettling past.
NARRATIVE. RT 00:14:00

Natasha (2007)
Shrooti's imagination gets the best of her when her mother invents Natasha, her well-behaved perfect sister who's come to stay.
NARRATIVE. RT 00:13:50.

Dolley (2005)
A post-apocalyptic world where memory haunts and reality confuses.
NARRATIVE. RT 00:04:10

Bangla East Side (2004)
Portrait of four Muslim teenagers growing up in post 9-11 New York City. DOCUMENTARY. RT 00:40:10
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